Saturday, January 16, 2010

You've been delayed

We finally arrived at our destination here in Morocco at 4am this morning, some eight hours behind schedule. Thanks to an air traffic controller strike in France, our plane was delayed in Madrid for most of the day, eventually making it to Marrakech airport at 10:30pm. We were met by our driver, Muhammad, who promptly took us on the minibus ride from hell: the road between Marrakech and Agadir is regarded as one of the worst stretches in the country. Large trucks pass each other at high speed regardless of corners or blind rises, with each driver showing little concern for whatever might be happening in the oncoming lane. It was a nerve-wracking experience that some of the guys were fortunate enough to sleep through, but I got the full experience due to not being able to sleep at all on the 4-hour drive.

After meeting  up with Denny from Moroccan Surf Adventures ( were in bed shortly after 4, and then woken up only two hours later to go looking for waves. Below is a shot of what greeted us for the day. You gotta love Africa...

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