Saturday, January 23, 2010

Driving Miss Daisy

Today was an absolute mission for surf, with a lot of the swell too big for the reefs and the wind too sideshore for the points. We spent most of the day driving, picking off a few nice lifestyle shots along the way.

We ended up back at the spot we’ve been calling ‘Trestles’ for another late afternoon surf just before the sun went down. Met up with a long-time friend of mine, Ross Elliot from England, who drowned his key and his car was basically immobilized as a result – and all this in probably the dodgiest ghetto area in this part of Morocco. The carpark emptied out and three of us decided to wait with him for the rental car company to bring him a replacement key. More than two hours later and no sign of them. By this time a crew of local kids had gathered around the car. As the minutes ticked away the crowd outside grew steadily, with things getting heavier as hands started to grope inside the car, with one guy trying to pickpocket Ross’ phone and wallet.

We were picked up by his friend just in time, right about the time things were getting a little too hot, and found ourselves at the dodgiest police station in Morocco. Anyway, all was well at the end of the night, with the moral of the story being: don’t surf with an electronic key.

The realities of travelling through Africa definitely presented themselves to us tonight.

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AlohaAfrika Proprietors said...

Training camp for soccer world cup pickpockets??