Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It ‘s been a couple days since my last blog,but seen as it was weekend thought I’d take it off.
Round 1 of the contest has come and gone and Jordy marched straight into round 3.
Round 2 is trying to get going but waves have been really small and tidal so after 3 heats the contest is on hold till possibly Thursday when the new swell arrives.

Theres still enough swell to shoot the shorebreaks of Hossegor and Jordy has been laying down and sticking some pretty mental turns.,see below.

The big news of the days past is that U2 where playing in San Sebastien Spain and hour away from where we are staying.
Quik France had organized tickets for all the event surfers,but with round 2 starting the next day quite a few surfers opted for the night in to be fresh for their heats.
This however worked in my favour and I was granted a free ticket to see one of the greatest bands in history.

We all experienced one of the most incredible nights of our lives,as this being the 32 anniversary of U2 being together and marking the end of their 1 year tour which started  in San Sebastien,U2 certainly ended with a bang.
They played 7 en cores and blew everyone away.
Anyways gotta head down and shoot now,so will catch ya all on the next post



Saturday, September 25, 2010

Africa Project - The final chapter

Welcome to Europe,more specifically Hossegor France which will be home for the next 2 weeks.
This is the final leg of ‘The Africa Project’ and we’re here to lock down number 2 in the world Jordy Smith’s section for the film.
People keep saying but France is not Africa,well theyre right,but Jordy is from Africa and thats all that matters.

You’ll be lucky to catch sight of Jordy riding a wave on his home shores as being apart of the world surfing tour his life is on the road year round .That is why I have come to France,to catch up with him,and document what his life surrounding competition is all about,and lets not forget he is in the running for the world title this year .

After 10 hours of flying I arrived in Paris only to be told theres a national airstrike,so no flights,no trains no nutting to biaritz my final destination.

I’ve learnt to deal with these situations  over the years  ,I guess this is  what stemmed my love for traveling in the first place ,the excitement of the  unkown .
So I just drifted  with the flow of people thru the airport still buzzing that I was in Paris  for the first time. Whats first on my list, the Eiffel Tower or a street cafĂ© for a morning coffee.

Paul Dan was on same flight as me and as luck would have it we bumped into expat Martin Potter and the contest Web team who he is shooting for and scored a ride in one of their cars from Paris to Hossegor,which is an 8 hour drive,needless to say we had a flat tyre 1 hour into our drive(but who cares) we were coast bound.

On arrival I met up with Jordy and crew and we settled into our hotel.
Surf today was anything but great but that does not stop Jordy from hitting it hard ,he’s always amped.He thrives on onshore lips.

The Quik Pro contest Starts tomorrow and with big swell forecast things look to be epic,so log in daily as we enjoy a slice of Europe with Jordy Smith

Greg Ewing,the official stills photog on the project decided he was getting married during this time(congrats buddy) so I am here without his magical still images so will be bringing you frame grabs from the vid I shoot.
Below are couple from today