Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Looking North

Today was another slow one for waves. We checked the slab early but it was not doing its thing, so Denny suggested a spot up north that might be worth a look. We piled everything in two 4x4’s and headed out into serious off-road territory. At the end of a trek across drier, more deserted terrain than we had seen thus far was nothing but small, onshore and unexciting surf. Nonetheless, the journey itself was worth it simply because we got to see a new part of the area, as well as a large herd of camels grazing on leaves by the roadside.

We returned to the slab which, even though it was not really barreling, offered up a few air sections which the boys cut loose in before we headed off to a beach cafĂ© for a coffee and chocolate crepe. We  rounded off the night with another classic meal courtesy of Mohammed, the chef at Moroccan Surf Adventures.

On another positive note, after 6 frustrating days of borrowing clothes and equipment, Rudy’s boards and bags arrived on sunset – and luckily for us, just in time for tomorrow’s 3 meter swell which looks set to light up all the points in the vicinity.

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Dave said...

Loving the blog guys. Glad Rudy's stuff arrived. That Sawubona t-shirt was probbaly getting a bit whiffy! Cheers Dave