Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Down time

As we say, “there’s no rush in Africa” and after four days of incredible waves we decided to take that approach this morning. We hit the road around 10:30 hoping to get the slab but after sitting through the low tide and with the swell just too big and just off direction, we headed back, checking each point in turn. There were waves but after what we’d had in the last few days the boys decided to surf a mellow beachie while myself and Greg went to shoot some lifestyle around Tamraght, our local village.

Going through the alleyways and narrow streets around sunset with the calls of the mosque echoing around us really allowed us to step away from the surfing side of this country and capture the essence of authentic Moroccan living. The afternoon light here is really something to behold.

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AlohaAfrika Proprietors said...

what an insane sick journey you ou's are on, The movie aside. Its something I have always wanted to do ala Shorty Bronkhorst style. Have a g8 x in Morocco exse. Say howzit to Frankie & lighty Palmtree 4 me dude. BigG. (Ex New Pier, now J-Bay)