Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It begins...

Greetings to all and welcome to the official blog of the Africa Film Project. Over the coming months you’ll be able to stay up to date with what’s happening with the movie, where we’re filming, how the trips are going, and everything else we feel you should know leading up to the release of the film.

But what is the Africa Film Project? Well, once we had finished The Path – our last movie, shot in Hawaii – the obvious question was ‘what next?’. Indonesia, the Maldives, Fiji and similar places have been done countless times so we wanted to try something different, but that also interested us. I'd always been intrigued by Africa’s surfing potential, but for the whole of my twenties I traveled the rest of the world with the idea that because Africa is home, it can be traveled anytime. Now after 10 years on the road and having permanently moved back home, there is no better time to check out Africa and all it has to offer. Our continent has never really been documented in-depth from a surfers point of view, so the project is going to offer something genuinely new and unique The world needs to know what an amazing continent we have, with so much history, rich and diverse cultures, incredible waves and of course a wealth of talented surfers rising onto the world stage. All these things mixed together are the perfect ingredients for an incredible film project which will span a full two years.

So, Africa just seemed right... As we say, “where the path ends, the journey begins”. The Africa Film Project is our next journey following on from The Path, and will take you to all 4 corners of our unique and exceptional continent. Joining me are some good friends and colleagues who share my passion and vision. On a filming side Eldon Van Aswegen my partner at Whitestone Productions and on a stills side senior photographer on the project Greg Ewing heads up the crew along with Caleb Bjergfelt, Richard Johnson and Alan Van Gysen. Stoked to have these guys on board so lookout for their images in Zigzag Surfing Magazine who are the media partner and distributor for the film.

Below is little insight into what we have experienced so far. Watch this space as we head off to Morocco later toady and will be updating you along the way. I hope you enjoy it.

Jason Hearn – 13th January 2010

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