Monday, May 31, 2010

Welcome to Reunion Island

So the Africa Project finds itself on the island of Reunion.Reason being,well we felt like a bit of tropical perfection after countless Strikes up the frigid west coast lately.
Africa is blessed with incredible waves and this place is no different.

We arrived late last night and surprise surprise,one bag full of boards never arrived,who's the lucky winner....... Dan Redman.He was pretty relaxed about it... o well i'm on holiday anyway he explains.
Myself and Greg were clearly not amused,a surfer on borrowed boards aint what we came to shoot,but Dan was promised his boards would be here in 48 hours,we'll see. O he nailed a solid clip on one of Daveys boards.We're all very proud of him.

We woke up this morning and with St leu flat as we expected,local surfer Romain Cloite took us to the craziest punting wave you have ever seen,the one from  Modern collective with Jordy and crew.
It was only 3 maybe 4 feet but super fun and sent the boys flying.
Swell is expected to be bigger tomorrow and wed at same spot so it's game on in the air departement, before St leu shows it's true colours from thurs till monday if charts stay the same.
check in daily to follow our journey.
See ya.Jason