Monday, April 5, 2010

Looking back in order to move forward

Hi all.
It's been a while since my last post - just been super busy with a reality TV show called "Way of the Warrior".
Anyway, winter - and best of all, wave season - is upon us, which means I can now start planning and shooting the rest of the destinations for the film. We have just finished sewing up the next location which will be one of the Indian Ocean islands off the east coast of Africa, home to incredible waves, good food and crazy landscapes. Dates are booked for the end of May, so super amped. I will however be hitting up the South Coast and a few new locations up the West Coast before the next major trip, just as soon as the swell maps give us the OK. Just adding to the incredible footage we already have of those 2 locations, as they're just a stone's throw away.
I will also be editing and posting some new teasers soon. Also, look out for the feature on our Morocco trip in an upcoming issue of Zigzag surfing magazine.
So before we move forward with the Africa Project Film for this year, lets take a behind the scenes look at our last location, Morocco. Below are some images from the memory bank.

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Anonymous said...

Have seen some of the shots before, but is fascinated by it all over and over again!
Keep it up - can't wait for the "Project" to come to an end! Minet