Monday, April 26, 2010

Giant Tubes

Greetings from the east coast of Africa.Well, when i said in my last post we were hunting giant tubes,that was what we were dreaming of at the time.
We woke up on day 1 to a 12 foot plus swell rocking the coastline and just to much water moving to even think of attempting to shoot the coast,so myself and Sean Holmes hit up the protected Durban basin were the piers were dishing up perfect 4 foot runners along an amazingly lined up bank.As a Filmmaker it's always good to get in the water and get a surf under the belt and out the way,it clears the mind,besides Franki Oberholzer being the most knowledgeable person on the waves in the area said "boys tomorrow is going to be all time".
To say Frank was right would be an understatement,we were greeted at first light to 8 to 10 foot gaping tubes and honestly some of the hollowest waves i have seen since my trips to hawaii 10 years ago.
Myself and Greg Ewing set up shop and captured a memorable session on what locals were saying, the most incredible barells they had ever seen here.

The charts look good for a couple more days this week so will keep you posted on what we find

Below are 2 shots of Franki Oberholzer feeling out his front yard.
Look out for the stills A grades from Gregg Ewing in an upcoming issue of Zigzag,they will blow your mind,as for the video footage,it's getting locked up in the volt till it's time to edit .
Over and Out,o waite,did i mention we scored 8 to 10 foot barells-Jason Hearn

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