Friday, April 23, 2010

A glimpse into the larger side of life

I write to you from Cape Town International,i am en route to a strike mission somewhere along the South African coastline,where if the maps are right,we are about to capture some truly incredible waves with a crew of top S.A surfers.It's giant tubes we are hunting and the swell is there,so lets prey the winds play ball.You can follow this mission daily here on the blog so be sure to check in,but before you leave for now check out below for a taste of what last winter dished up on the big wave side of things and with a fresh winter just beggining,theres loads more to come.Speak soon.Jason Hearn


Anonymous said...

what a sick trailer!! i'm the dude on the red board dropping in at the end bowl at dungeons at 1.44. randomly finding that is pretty much the coolest thing that's ever happened to me, haha. so cheers for getting me so amped! can't wait to see the whole movie, looks like it's gonna be unreal.

The Africa Project said...

hey Dave ,thats pretty cool,stoked you got to check the trailer,see ya out at dungeons this winter
Jason Hearn

Anonymous said...

amazing trailer! i love that wave with james taylor and twiggy!