Monday, March 14, 2011

SABC's Magazine show Top Billing to feature "The Africa Project" Film

The Africa Project recently Headed up to the late John Whitmore's farm in Elands Bay to shoot a sequence for the closing of the film with Jordy Smith and an original Whitmore hand shaped board, from the 60's .Joining us on our venture was the crew from Top Billing who shot an insert for an upcoming show while we did what we did.To Have my film featured on such an established show is a huge compliment to the last 2 years of hard yet exciting work,and i'd like to thank Jordy and john Whitmores Nephews Caleb and Shayne for their enthusiasm in making the shoot with the crew from Top Billing as smooth and easy going as could be.It was deffinately a big change for me having to now be infront of the camera for a day and tell my story,but all in all ,it went well.
Look out for The Africa Project on an upcoming episode of Top Billing in the near future to get a taster for the film.
A big thanks to Buddy Gaylard the director from Top Billing and Aiden Bennets the presenter for their belief in the film

Below are a couple images from the days shoot,enjoy



johnwilkie said...

Just seen the insert on Top Billing. Very nice. Can't wait to see the final product!

Imraan said...

Hey Jason

This Project sounds amazing. Will you be showcasing a premier in Cape Town at all? Would be awesome to check out.


JohnWilkie said...

Looking forward to the premiere! Best of luck with completing it, can't wait to see the result of your hard work and dedication.

Big T said...

Dudes when is da film coming out and where can we buy dvd's. Saw it on Top Billing and cant wait no more! Big T