Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Off the back of the trip

Well we're back in good old S.A , the part of Africa we call home and looking back at where we have just been and what was captured,it can only be said , we had an epic trip.

Reunion was everything and more that i wanted from it as a location for the film,it sets itself apart from all the rest in a unique and interesting way which you will see in the film.It's actually mindblowing

The last couple days on the island started with a trip to the moon,(the volcanoe ) and then 2 days just shooting the right in the south.With so much footage from St leu it was nice to bank some more progressive punting at the right to really round off the surfing in this location of the film.

Anyways i just wanna thank the crew for being apart of another insane trip and look forward to the next one.Look out for Greg Ewings incredible images and Story by Andy Davis in an upcoming issue of Zigzag surfing magazine

I'm now on the South Coast for the next month shooting water for the film Blue Crush 2, so once this shoot is over i will keep you posted on our next African adventure.

Till then, see ya in da water

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